Wood will always warp, crack, and split. After encountering some problems with that company’s hidden fastener system, we again installed it using composite decking screws in a matching color. What can be done to open up the gaps between runs? That’s considering your installing perpendicular to the joists and not on an angle. Even the chalk dusting off the line can cause a permanent stain. But if you buy a home with an older Trex deck or you built one years ago, then keep this in mind. However, some of the older Trex decking had problems with flaking and decomposing that could make slippery to the point of being unsafe. Ξ 16 Photos of the "Trex … The Problems With Composite Decking. Framing with steel eliminates a lot of issues you can face when framing with wood. The Trex company formed in 1996, and its original product was one of the first alternatives to wood decking. Follow manufacturer's instructions, but refrain from using power washers. One of the most common problems with composite decking is the possibility of fading from constant sun exposure. Check with Trex before using any cleaner on your decking. Deck board spacers are also available. Though I prefer real wood (mahogany, ipe, etc), I understand why people use low maintenance decking, and do over a hundred decks a year in some composite or PVC decking. Trex ® decking was designed to offer the beauty of real wood, without the headaches. For Transcend … Ultimately, the wood fiber absorbs moisture with UV together which causes the … As we will address later, the majority of the complaints about composite decking revolve around problems with colors fading.You do not need to sand, stain or paint your composite decking. Removing leaves and debris with a broom or leaf blower frequently is the best preventive measure. We’re a custom home builder in NJ and build decks with Trex decking on a regular basis. Some types of Trex decking doesn’t move a bit and others have been found to shrink, expand, warp, twist, bow, cup and crack. I replaced my cedar decking five years ago with Trex Transcends Havana Gold decking. Mold problems began one year later and has spread ever since. Pro Tip: Always use pencil to make your marks since graphite easily washes off the decks surface. I live in the country. Unlike wood, Trex is made up of layers, including a harder outer coat or shell that provides resistance to the elements. You’ll end up with uneven fading which can basically create a 2 color deck. All other composite decks seem to have some problems also (including Timber Tek, which is a PVC deck). !” Says T. K. of Longview, WA. I could just go out and sweep most of the dirt off and hose most everything else. Azek and Trex Deck Complications. Rinse area with water. They are engineered for use on the ground or in the water, but Voyage deck boards feature textured embossed for enhanced traction. BECOME FOOD FOR TERMITES. some Galveston resorts readily converted to composite decking and in 2 years they looked horrible, warped and/or discolored. This last problem has led to at least one product recall. We bought Trex in 2003 and built a deck. Many Trex deck owners have complained of flaking, deterioration and even in extreme cases virtual disintegration of their Trex decks. Typically if you install Trex decking on a 45 degree angle you need 12″ o.c. So, if you are building a deck that will be in direct … Here’s my product review of Trex decking. or 12″ o.c. A simple garden hose with a lower pressure fitting, coupled with detergent and a mop for tough spots, is your best bet for cleaning Trex deck. Apply a small amount with a soft cloth and rub. Because with a Trex deck you can’t sand or refinish the deck. “I was lured by the durability and lack of maintenance as advertised. 5 years ago the rest started falling apart. Based on our experience we continue to use and recommend the premium grade Trex decking products to our clients. Tannin can then leach into your deck causing discolorations. If any food or drinks spills clean it up right away, don’t let it sit on the deck for too long. 2 years ago. Removing leaves and debris with a broom or leaf blower frequently is the best preventive measure. Fading issues are unpredictable and hard to understand. 12 Inch Composite Deck Board Sample List Price: $5.00. Chalk lines are typically used in construction to mark straight lines. We never use markers or snap lines with chalk. VERY unhappy with this product! **** Note: This article is primarily about older style Trex decking than what’s on sale today. It’s absolutely terrible.” Says and unnamed source. The Trex Company created the composite decking category and revolutionized the industry. The accounts of issues are repeated with a frightening regularity and sameness throughout the threads of complaints. With really nothing else available as a comparison, I chose to use Trex, a deck board made from recycled plastic and wood composites. Now it seems more people are becoming dissatisfied with the longevity and quality of Trex products. Made from an innovative blend of reclaimed timber and plastic film, Transcend decking makes use of earth-friendly … Improper fastening can lead to issues down the road as the decking and wood framing expands and contracts. Capstock decking aims to solve this problem by covering the porous composite with a layer of durable PVC. Pressure washing is another no-no. Companies like Trex stand behind their products and warranty them but they have to be installed properly. Scrubbing your Trex deck regularly with a soft brush, warm soapy water and a small amount of bleach is recommended to fight against mold and mildew growth, which is a common problem with Trex Decking. You don’t have to think about it. Again, it seems completely random when this happens, but it happens often enough that you should know about it. So much so, that they have agreed to settle two large class action lawsuits. But we also let them know that composite decks can last far longer. We highly recommend them. ****. Composite Decking Recall #1. We contacted Trex, got the runaround. Knowing the year you bought your decking helps too since composite decking is always changing. Trex Router Bit: Trex decking routs to give extremely crisp edges when using the Trex Router Bit with standard router, and can be use with all Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners. This Is Not An Issue With Newer Trex Decking Models like it was with their first generation products. We recommend using Trex Elevations light gauge steel framing for most of our projects. We immediately contacted Trex. Arguing that they only replace defective product on a square footage basis. Any type of deck board can be bouncy if the joists aren’t spaced properly, that’s why deck joists are supposed to be 16″ o.c. Even though acknowledging that there would not be enough boards to replace the defective ones. Complete your yard with our framing, railing, & lighting. The residential decking market was valued at $3.1 billion in 2018 and was expected to grow by 6.5% annually through 2021, according to Principia Consulting. A simple garden hose with a lower pressure fitting, coupled with detergent and a mop for tough spots, is your best bet for cleaning Trex deck. Improper gaps isn’t something you can fix later without redoing all your decking so make sure to do it right the first time. Using Specialized Cleaner for Deep Stains Get a composite deck cleaner for stained Trex. Visit your home center paint department and ask for deck brightener. NEED SEASONAL PAINTING, SEALING OR STAINING. Decking boards made of composite materials don't have the structural integrity of real wood, and can delaminate and even break. Just install the fasteners and deck boards, your gaps will all be perfect. The planks are solid material, and are normally finished with end caps or trim boards covering the ends. Most customers asking us to build them a composite deck actually refer to it as a Trex deck. We build using Trex composite decking regularly because it’s known for it’s gorgeous style and long lifespan. Composite Decking Mushrooms TIPS. This decking is in the premium class and available in four colors with Sierra, Tundra, Costa, and Mesa. We Update Weekly & It’s All Completely FREE. Staining is a major problem with older model Trex decking and a huge issue with older composite decking products in general. Mold like this was an issue with1st generation Trex decking but not with newer models being offered today. The RockSolid Composite Deck Refresh product line is an all encompassing solution. Visit your home center paint department and ask for deck brightener. It seems a lot of people are frustrated with dealing with this problem. Crumbling. Trex has been at the forefront of this movement as they were the first company to patent and produce this style of decking. Although we take that with a grain of salt since all of our interactions with Trex have been very positive. Excessive fading is covered under the Trex warranty. Beat the Heat. Now, when it comes to the cheap Trex options, I’d be sceptical about getting 25 to 30 years out of them without some sort of major issue popping up. Composite decking is made from a combination of wood and plastic, and is marketed as providing the look of wood without requiring as much maintenance. Trex decking is made from a composite material that blends plastic film and wood fibers. Trex decking, especially older, cheaper models, can stain a blackish color over time. However, if you are planning to build a composite deck in your back yard, there are several problems associated with composite decking materials that you may want to consider before committing to a material for your deck. Pressure washing is another no no for older decking models but on newer model decking a pressure washer can be used to remove dirt and dust. It looked beautiful! They also claim that their products are mold and mildew resistant.The protective shell around the composite core is designed to protect against fading, staining and scratching. While great for driveways, wooden decks and siding, 1500 psi pressure washers will destroy the outer coating of Trex composite decking, possibly voiding your warranty. They began by manufacturing a single color decking board, which they patented in 1998. These products contain bleach that will brighten your deck and kill the mold spores. Composite decking, which is made from thermoplastic resins and wood, doesn’t invite fungi, since it can’t eat plastic. Composites require nearly as much maintenance as wood, and the difference is shrinking rapidly as coatings manufacturers come up with more durable, … Cost While composite decking typically lasts longer than traditional wood decking, it is much more expensive than its counterpart. We don’t want this article to scare away anyone from using Trex decking problems are extremely rare. Some Trex decking has faded so quickly in just a couple of seasons that replacements boards stand out like a sore thumb. You’ll pay more for the installation going with a pro, but it is worth it. … Some Trex decking will have problems and others of the same type will not. Note: This section refers only to older model Trex decking sold up until 2013. Nowadays, Ipe wood is much more affordable than any composite decking. Because of this acknowledgement you can be sure when you buy a Trex deck you will have color fading. Under normal circumstances the answer is No, Trex decking isn’t bouncy. Trex manufactures a composite decking to create a low-maintenance, high-performance backyard retreat that can offer you serene outdoors without depleting them over a long period of time. This is common in wood decks as well and can be reversed with a deck brightener product such as Corte Clean. Because with a Trex deck you can’t sand or refinish the deck. Every material has its downsides, and Trex and Azek are no exception. Lately, the biggest argument is over capstock–the plastic substance that has recently begun to be applied to composite decks, giving the products added protection, more intense faux-wood-grain finishes, and ever more varied color options.Capped composites are one of the hottest categories within decking, with sales rising six-fold in popularity last year, according to a new study by Principia, a research … Depending on the type of Trex decking you choose and the color, regular scrubbing with a soft brush, soap and water may be needed. Mold So Trex agreed to replace the defective decking but decided as a matter of ‘policy’ that they would only replace 113 of the 144 defective boards. In fact that’s true of just about anything you buy. You’ll need to disconnect the entire board from … It makes a big difference. Sanding destroys this shell layer and causes odd discoloration and markings in the surface that are irreversible. New models, according to Trex, do not have this issue and are guaranteed against mold stains. Premium grade Trex decking seams to perform much better in the field as does newer decking. Many Trex deck owners have complained of flaking, deterioration and even in extreme cases virtual disintegration of their Trex decks.