The beach here is very beautiful but people tend to like not having boat traffic close by. Rantee Beach – Many people claim this to be the most perfect spot on all Koh Phi Phi Don. Ostelli a Koh Phi Phi ! Just a 45-minute speedboat trip or a 90-minute ferryboat ride from either Phuket or Krabi, these … Pool. The beautiful nature is still there but the islands can really give that calm feeling that some people longing for. The island has plenty of beaches and great mountain views. I think you get what I mean. Koh Mae Urai is a karst formation between Koh Phi Phi and the Krabi mainland. Phi Phi at a Glance. Koh Phi Phi … The largest of the Phi Phi Islands, Ko Phi Phi Don is a non-volcanic island, made mostly of limestone. Another thing that might draw your attention to Monkey Beach is the name that doesn’t come for no reason. Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Ko Phi Phi Don. If your answer is ‘Yes”, then you must visit Koh Phi Phi. In the afternoon after the last ferries arrive, the pier becomes ore relaxed. While Koh Phi Phi feels like a small intimate corner of Thailand, it’s actually quite easy to get lost down dirt alleyways and end up on the wrong side of the bay (all of the main activity on the island is situated on a thinner strip of land in between two bays that can start to … Questi picchi contrappongono la costa scintillante e forniscono punti di vista su questa magnifica area. It takes a good hike to get here by foot from Ton Sai and it will probably take about an hour. Maps, weather, rain radar & advice how to get the most from your trip. Online booking of Phuket Phi Phi and Krabi Phi Phi ferry transfers & snorkel tours of the islands. Try Snorkeling In Hat Yao. Prenota il tuo viaggio a Koh Phi Phi e goditi il piacere di viaggiare per il mondo! Free Wifi. Koh Phi Phi è una destinazione rilassante nota soprattutto per le spiagge. Ton Sai Bay – This is where the main harbor is set. Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, and while it is one of the largest islands of the country; Koh Phi Phi is exactly the opposite, as it’s a small archipelago formed by four islands in the Andaman Sea. Krabi Thailand – Expert Travel Guide – Updated 2020, Koh Samui Thailand – Expert Travel Guide – Updated 2020, Koh Phi Phi Island – Expert Travel Guide – Updated 2020, Khao Lak Thailand – Expert Travel Guide – Updated 2020, Koh Chang Thailand – Expert Travel Guide: Updated 2020. The beaches at Phi Phi Islands are so far not occupied by Jet-Skis but at the Loh Dalam Bay, you will find some water attractions, on smaller beaches the only unnatural sound is a long-tail-boat that arrives or depart. They both have their very own unique features and characters; Koh Lanta is very chill and laid back, but is also packed with natural sights and beautiful beaches. Koh Phi Phi totally ruined. A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. View the Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi ferry timetable and book tickets online. In the evening you can dine and relax in fantastic surroundings and it is only about 140 meters (450 feet) to get to Ton Sai Beach on the south side of the isthmus. There are many bungalows to choose from, both low-budget and more classy ones. The cost of the trip from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi varies according to what means of transport you choose for your journey. Phi Phi Islands is the name of one of Thailand’s many world-renowned destinations. Accessible from Phuket, with all visitors arriving by boat, Ko Phi Phi Don has great beaches and popular diving and snorkeling spots. 27,561 reviews. Viaggio da Koh Phi Phi a Krabi in traghetto con punto di incontro al molo di Ton Sai a Koh Phi Phi Don. In the other direction, you can visit the very small and beautiful Nui bay. Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, and while it is one of the largest islands of the country; Koh Phi Phi is exactly the opposite, as it’s a small archipelago formed by four islands in the Andaman Sea. Ao Toh Ko Beach – This secluded beach stretches about 200 meters (640 feet) along the west coast right north from Loh Moo Dee Bay. Koh Phi Phi Ferry, Speedboat & Airport Transfers & Tours, hotel & travel guides with photos. However, if you’re after more upscale travel . #3 Best Value of 220 places to stay in Ko Phi Phi Don. About Ko Phi Phi Don Most of this limestone island is a protected marine reserve… which means you’ll enjoy unspoiled beaches, as well as fantastic diving and snorkeling. Whilst you cannot visit the legendary beach that featured in the films, there are many other stunning beaches across the two islands. However, the low season is the time when many people really think that Phi Phi Islands is best. At the most narrow part, it is only 60 meters (180 feet) between the walls. The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. L’arcipelago delle Isole Phi Phi è situato nel Mar della Andamane, 45km a sud-est di Phuket, 45km a sud-ovest di Krabi e circa 35km a nord-ovest di Koh Lanta.. Arcipelago Isole Phi Phi » Dove si trova L’arcipelago rientra nel Hat Nopparatthara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, parco nazionale rinomato per l’ampia flora e fauna marina, destinazione imperdibile per gli amanti delle immersioni.