Many dragons died. Having all the Red Dragons destroyed, the Black Dragons fled to Po'Tun and were accepted by their leader. Ka Po' Tun. They enslaved the red dragons but the black ones fled. But more were born. Originally the Po Tun, after all the men and dragon had been eaten by the snake people of Akavir, the Tsaeci, the remaining black dragons fled and searched for help from the Ka Po Tun. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Ka Po' Tun are one of four races who live in Akavir; the other races are the Kamal, Tang Mo, and Tsaesci. Download '' (1.7MB) Readme. They make up the Intellectual portion of the Ka society and their opinion holds considerable weight due to leading prayers. “generous and kind monkey-people” i initially took the tang mo to be literal monkey people. A Ka Po'Tun discovers one of Tosh Raka's secrets, that he gains more power the more he dominates. Under his rulership, the race renamed themselves from the Po' Tun to the Ka Po' Tun to symbolize their rise above the Tsaesci Empire. Aside from a strong Military Tradition, the Ka are notable for their Religious devotion, some would say Fanaticism for Dragons. Ka Po Tun is one of the four nations which make up the continent of Akavir. O povo-gato aqui é governado pelo líder Tosh Raka, o Tigre-Dragão. Ka Po' Tun (Idea) » Fri May 27, 2011 10:48 pm . [1][2], They are described as being tiger-like cat folk, possibly similar in appearance to the Khajiit and Lilmothiit. A great war was waged, which left both the cat-folk and the snakes weak, and resulted in the death of the dragons. Ka Po'Tun is the lower eastern half of the mainland. Ka Po' Tun (meaning Tiger-Dragon's Empire), originally called Po Tun, is a nation of Akavir. I’m my own Posts: 3344 Joined: Tue Oct 10, 2006 2:55 am » Fri May 27, 2011 10:17 pm . Após o Povo-Serpente comer todos os Homens, eles tentaram comer todos os Dragões. He is thought to be a god by the Ka Po' Tun, the reason being that he is the first and the only known member of his species to morph into a Dragon. consider that we know little to nothing about akavir, which has historically opposed tamriel, and that much of what we do know is possibly propaganda. The Khajiit share ancestry with the Bosmer, and the Ka Po' Tun are tiger-people, who may have transformed from dragons to escape the Tsaesci dragon hunters. After the Tsaesci consumed all the men on Akavir, they attempted to consume all the dragons. The Ka Po' Tun are one of four races who live in Akavir; the other races are the Kamal, Tang Mo, and Tsaesci. This one will need more beer. A housing video … The red dragons were enslaved, but the black dragons fled to the Po'Tun. Since then, the tiger people have attempted to transform into dragons themselves. level 2. It's only difference from Tsaesci is it's northern and southern savannahs that are drier locals than the rest of Akavir. Ever since they defeated the great dragons, they have been attempting to somehow change into dragons themselves, but only one has ever succeeded. Their leader, Tosh Raka, is said to have transformed himself into a large orange and black dragon, but it is unknown how similar he looks compared to the regular dragons of Nirn.[1]. There are four major nations on Akavir, each with its own race: Kamal, Tsaesci, Tang Mo and Ka Po' Tun. This race is really well done (look at screeny). He is believed to be chosen by Akatosh and under the Protection of the Dragon God. They form the Pantheon of their religious beliefs, Akatosh being their supreme Deity. Leave a Reply. 8/16/2014 in Lore. The greater emphasis on mounted calvary is probably another reason.